No Comments on 1936

In a recent podcast chat on Fergo and the Freak I mentioned Fox League should have more content for their channel. I suggested a mini series of the history of the game and just randomly picked a year that they could focus on; 1936. This made me wonder: “what was that season like”. So I put my historian hat on… Read more »

What are they teaching these boys (and girls)?

I want to stay away from the negative stories the media publish and focus of the positive. In saying that what are the NRL and the clubs teaching their players? More importantly I love to know the processes on how the players get their education? For example Is there a test/exam at the end that they must pass? I’d love… Read more »

Welcome – Why I started this website

Hi! My name is Julie and I hope that with this website together we can help grow Rugby League and get more mums and kids involved in the game. “If you’ve never played you may think you know the game but until you do you really don’t” I wish I could remember who said this quote but it really resonates… Read more »