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About Us

“If you’ve never played you may think you know the game but until you do you really don’t”

I wish I could remember who said this quote but it really resonates with me. I may be a fan of rugby league but I don’t have a complete understanding of it as I have never played.

I got interested in this wonderful game approximately 10 years ago. During this time I have noticed a lot of negative stories circulating around in the media, especially regarding player behaviour and how mums don’t want their children playing or watching the game. It made me really ambitious to create something to show how great the game really is, the 99% positive side that the media don’t want to focus on because it won’t grab them a juicy headline.

I also want to show how and why you should be involved in rugby league, whether that means watching, playing or just being a casual fan.

Initially I had wanted to make a documentary but I decided that this website would be the best way to get the information and promotion of the game to mums.

Then when the time came for me to start thinking about enrolling my son into the game I found it difficult to find the information that I wanted all in the one space, especially coming from a Non-NRL State.

It was during a discussion on social media that the idea to create a website that would predominantly help mums who have children interested in rugby league or who are interested in the sport themselves was born.

I also didn’t have to resource of other mums help as my friends aren’t interested in the sport or think it’s too dangerous.

Women that I do talk about the game have concerns usually centred around the sport being dangerous, brutal and sexist. Another favourite is “do I want my son to have no neck? Don’t I worry about his behaviour being influenced by the so-called stars of the game that disrespect women and are always up to no good?”

I’ve heard many comments such as these by the uneducated public about a sport they actually have no idea about; the NRL, Rugby League. So I’m always having to defend such a wonderful sport that gives so much to the community and the media here in Victoria only really report on the misdeeds and the negatives. Even when the Melbourne Storm won the grand final it was only mentioned for a few seconds at the end of the news report like an after thought. The exposure is getting better but we have so much more that we can do to help grow and promote the game not just in Victoria but Australia wide.

As a mother keeping my child as safe as possible is at the top of my list and I want to keep him active and play a sport, so my choice to enrol him in Rugby League when he is old enough is a no brainer. How did I come to this conclusion? Easy I’ve been a fan of this sport for the past 10 years and I’ve also done research into the background and future of the most entertaining sport Australia has to offer. So mine is an educated & well researched decision. 

I’m hoping this website will help change that thinking and get more mums involved .

During my research for this website I found that a lot of pages on rugby league were very technical and what I wanted was something basic but thorough enough that I could get the info I needed.

I hope this resource helps you and if there is anything you’d like to see here let me know.

? Julie




I would like to thank the following people; without whom this website would never exist. I hope this list gets to grow and have more women & mums involved but since the beginning of all this I’ve mainly only had gentlemen helping me as I don’t have many female connections with rugby league. As I said I hope this website gets to help that to change.

Little Man –  this is all from having you bubba.

Will – for always supporting me no matter what & always giving me honest feedback. You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Also without your influence on giving me an introduction and patiently explaining this sport to me (and still explaining it) no matter how stupid my question was I would never have become a fan of this amazing sport.

Barry Harden-Upman – for always being on hand with rugby league knowledge, being an amazing friend and advocating for more women’s recognition in the game.

League Freak – without your help and knowledge this website wouldn’t exist and would still be a PDF file.

Andrew Ferguson – your podcast and interaction on social media solidified the idea of making a website. Your knowledge on the game is ridiculous.

Jarryd Hayne – without your amazing talent to get me interested in the game I doubt I would have ever be interested in this amazing sport.

Cake Ellink – meeting you at the ARRA 2015 convention was the best thing ever. A shared love of books, league and Parra meant we were destined to be friends!

Gotcha4Life – the work you do for our young men and gentlemen is amazing!