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As much as I see this website as my baby I know that it is a work in progress and we can be doing better and have so much more available.

There is still a lot of missing information and questions that I can’t answer just yet.

The reason for this is that I find it hard to get the information that we need and confirm that it is accurate. I’m also still learning about the game and I also want the information I give to be easy to understand and not overly technical.

When I’m researching the game there’s a lot of things that I can’t find straight away and unless I see it directly from the NRL themselves (or other well-respected sites like Rugby League Project) I’m not going to take it as gospel; I’m going to fact check and make sure that it’s right before I post it on this site.

For example when I was writing down the rules of the game, I found trying to find something as simple as how many interchanges are allowed for each team during the game difficult to find. I couldn’t even see in on the NRL laws and interpretations PDF. If it is there it definitely wasn’t out in plain sight where I could just click on the rules and get a basic rundown of what the rules of the game are something that a child and novices can understand.

I also found that there was also no real visual representation either of what does the field like look like where does what does each player and then and the number where where are they represented on the field. (This is something I’m still trying to find).

If there is anything that you find that is incorrect on here, any information that is missing or even if it is something that you would like to know or see, let us know and I will try my best to get that to you.


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