How do you pronounce that?

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Let’s be honest here, there are quite a few names in rugby league that we are pronouncing incorrectly.

As someone who has lived with my surname being both spelt and said incorrectly I know the pain of trying to politely correct the person who made the small gaff.

So I thought why not have a list of how to say every current players name in the NRL.

I have contacted every club to get a list of how to pronounce their players names phonetically. I also asked them if they could send me a copy of the players photos and a team photo as I thought it would nice to have the players face next to how to pronounce their name on the site.

I’ve never had to contact a club before and I naively thought that this would be an simple, easy request that all the clubs would have on hand. Especially how to pronounce the players names.

Boy was I wrong!

While finding every clubs email address I have to say I loved it when I found that the Rabbitohs had the name “thumper” in their address.

So far 6/16 clubs have an automatic response email saying they’ll get back within 2-3 working days. I didn’t hear from the rest right away but as it was 4:30pm on a public holiday that I emailed I’m not that surprised.

I have to say I am extremely impressed with some of the responses I have received. That is to say that unfortunately there have been some disappointing replies as well but they may have their reasons why they couldn’t give me the information.

Kelly from the Panthers, Holly from the Wests Tigers, and Richard from the Warriors have to be especially congratulated for their assistance. They went above and beyond. Well done to these clubs for having such amazing people working for them!

I have to point out that I completely understand why I haven’t heard back from the Bulldogs in light of the recent events. I know my email will get lost in that storm that have to deal with.

So here is the lists I’ve been very appreciatively sent from the clubs:


Thank you Kelly you really did go above and beyond helping me; the Panthers should give you a pay rise

Api Koroisau – Koro-sow
Moses Leota – Lee-oh-tah
Spencer Leniu – Le-new
Viliame Kikau – Vee-lee-ah-mee Kick-ow
Jarome Luai – Loo-eye
Josh Mansour – Man-saw
Brian To’o – Toh-oh
Malakai Watene-Zelezniak – War-tenny Zelez-nee-ark
Dean Whare – Far-hey
Isaah Yeo – Eye-say-ah Yo


(Richard you are another person who deserves a pay rise for the help you have given me!)

Bunty Afoa: Are-for-ah
Leeson Ah Mau: Lease-on Ah Mau (-au sounds like -ow in cow)
Gerard Beale: Ger-rid
 Adam Blair
 Lachlan Burr
 Josh Curran
 Wayde Egan
 Jackson Frei: Fry
 David Fusitu’a: Fooss-ee-too-ah (Foo sounds like foo in foot)
 Blake Green
 Tohu Harris: Tore-who
 Chanel Harris-Tavita: Sha-nell Tar-veet-ar
 Patrick Herbert
 Peta Hiku: Pet-ah Hee-koo
 Eliesa Katoa: Ell-ee-ess-ar Kar-tor-ar
 Adam Keighran: Keer-rin
 Karl Lawton
 Ken Maumalo: Mau-mar-lor (au sounds like -ow in cow)
 Taane Milne: Tar-neh
 Kodi Nikorima: Nee-kor-reem-ah
 Agnatius Paasi: Agg-nay-shuss Par-see
 Isaiah Papali’i: Eye-sigh-ah Par-par-lee-ee
Hayze Perham: Hayz Pair-rim
Adam Pompey: Pom-pee
 Leivaha Pulu: Lay-var-ha Poo-loo
 Nathaniel Roache
 Jamayne Taunoa-Brown: Toe-nor-ah
 Jazz Tevaga: Teh-vung-ah
 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck: Too-ee-var-sar
 Tom Ale: Ar-leh
 Rocco Berry
 Israel Ogden
 Selestino Ravutaumada: Sell-ess-teen-oh Rar-voo-tau-mun-dah
 Tyler Slade
 Paul Turner
 Jyris Glamuzina: J-eye-riss Glam-oo-zee-nah
 Temple Kalepo: Kar-lee-por
 Edward Kosi: Kor-see
 Phillip Makatoa: Mar-kar-tor-ah
 Adam Tuimavave-Gerrad: Too-ee-mar-var-veh Geh-rard
 Isaiah Vagana: Eye-sigh-ar Vung-ah-nar
 King Vuniyayawa: Voo-nee-yar-yar-wah


Unable to supply a team picture or list of players names pronunciation.

I was kindly directed to their website with step by step instructions on how to find the players names and photos.
I was also informed that they do not hold any players photos and to contact the NRL with my request which I thought was a really nice and kind touch.


Couldn’t supply as list to me as they are “very busy organising their first game of the season” I was told that if there was specific names that I needed help on how to say to send that through.

I was also offered a team poster to be sent in the mail to me. Which was a kind gesture. Thank you Trudy for that!


I was told that “the majority of the information that you are looking for is located on our website”.


Holly passed my information to their Women’s Strategy Manager and will keep me informed of any events that they believe will help promote women’s and kids involvement in the game.

I didn’t get a listing of the players names as I was asked if I wanted the Women’s or the Men’s team. By the time I replied the game had been suspended indefinitely for the year so I’m understandably not expecting a reply anytime soon .

I haven’t heard from any of the other clubs. This process took about a month and half to go through. Now with the suspension of the season I understandably don’t expect any replies from the clubs.

After this experience of contacting the clubs I’ve learned so much about how differently the clubs run and how what the public may see as a simple request can be a lot more complicated than you thought.

I hope this list has helped everyone in learning the players names. Fingers crossed I can get the rest of the teams lists and I can make an easy list for everyone to reference if they ever need it.


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