I feel like such a hypocrite!

One of the reasons why I started this website was to make sure that all the information that mums need about rugby league would be all in one easy to find spot and for it to be extremely easy to understand.

While I was trying to find all the information on to something as simple as how to enrol my son in into rugby league I found it a little bit difficult.

This was because I realised I had many other questions about the process than I thought I’d have.

Initially all I could find was information from the NRL website and their play rugby league link. It was pretty easy to use to find our local clubs that were close to us. But I found it was more for people who already had an idea about all things league. It was more for a way to register online, there wasn’t anything other than that.

It felt like you had to already have a knowledge of rugby league; I wanted a bit more information to make sure that as a parent I knew everything and that I was picking the right club for my kid needs (and mine) and to make sure that playing is the right decision.

I’m coming from this is purely as just a fan of the game and I’ve always wanted my kids to play whether they are a boy or a girl it doesn’t matter to me. I want my kids to be playing sport and because I love league, it was the obvious sport for me to get my child enrolled in league.

Back to my point of myself being a casual watcher of the game not a true fan what I mean is that I still get confused on the rules of the game and some terminology.

I’m still asking questions when I’m watching like “why is that a penalty?” and “why was that player doing that?” and I probably shouldn’t admit this but I still get confused between player positions like fullback and halfback.

But this is what I want this site to help change where I am where I am lacking in my knowledge of the game, I want to learn more and for that information to stick.

I want to help educate other mums about the game, the more we know, the more educated we can be, the more we can help grow the game.

We can get other mums involved in the game; particularly the ones that say I’m scared for my kids to be playing it’s a barbaric sport. I want for them to know that it’s not a barbaric game. Once you start watching and getting an understanding of the game you realise that it’s not as bad as you think.

The junior leagues are there to help the young ones learn how to play the game properly and safely so when they do move up into the older grades and potentially the professional level with bigger kids that have more strength, speed and size they learn how to play the game safely minimising the chances of them getting hurt and injured.

The game is always trying to find ways to make the game safer and at the same time enjoyable to play .

So here is why I feel like such a hypocrite: I started my journey of researching on how to get my child enrolled and then I decided not to enroll him just yet.

I’ve been such an advocate for getting your kids playing rugby league as soon as possible and here I am stalling my son from playing for another year.

I spent 4 months looking into all the different local clubs and if they enrol 4 years and what the whole process is to play and what we needed to do.

Then after contacting the right club for us who has a free Backyard League on Thursday night game for juniors I realised that my son isn’t mentally ready to play.

It was such a hard decision to come to as I really can’t wait for him to play.

The club had contacted me and asked if we were still coming to play as they haven’t seen us yet. I apologised and informed them I don’t think my son is ready due to him not having the attention span and the inability to follow instructions properly. They were very understanding and without being pushy (which I love) said that they can’t wait to see us when we are ready and that they have found that kids involvement in sport will improve the concerns I had about my son playing as he will learn discipline and follow the other kids into good habits.

This response confirmed to me that we have found the right club for us. I am still going to hold my son back for the year and wait for him to turn 5 but I know that he will 100% be going to that club!

One of the reasons I felt like a hypocrite was that many people would think I’m just using this as an excuse to not let him play. That I must be one of those mums that is scared he’s going to get hurt. That’s not it. The physical contact of the game has never bothered me; kids play rough in just their normal every day play, and at junior levels they learn have to tackle and play the game the right way to minimise the chances of getting seriously hurt when they move up into the older levels and play with kids of different strength, speed and sizes.

So that’s why I feel like a hypocrite; I keep telling other mums to let their kids play and here I am still holding my kid back.

Do you have similar stories? What are your concerns about enrolling your kids (or even yourself) into the game?

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