NRL- A History

NRL – A History

A Brief Outline:

Rugby League in Australia dates all the way back to 1907, when the NSW Rugby League was formed. Rugby League itself dates back to 1895. The foundation clubs of: Glebe, Souths, Newtown, Easts, North, Belmain, Wests, Newcastle and Cumberland being established by the end of 1908.

Fast forward to the 1990’s and Rugby League became a national competition and now spans NSW, Queensland, New Zealand and Victoria.

It has the most closest sporting competition in the country with 12 out of the 16 clubs winning premierships in the past 20 years (I’m still waiting for my beloved Parramatta Eels to win a premiership in this century) and with the games decided with an average of 13 points. 

Rugby League has the fiercest rivalry in Australia; the State of Origin series between Queensland and New South Wales. State of Origin is such a pinnacle of the sport that many of the players are trying to find loopholes to be eligible to play in it. You can find more information on the State of Origin Series below.

More than 3 million people attend the matches every year and more than 100 million view League on T.V.

If you want any stats on Rugby League check out: Rugby League Project it has everything and anything that could want or think of about the game. Not just in Australia but for every place that the game is played around the world!