Podcasts – What can I listen to?

There is a mountain of listening gold in the podcast arena. There is a lot of trash as well. So how do you navigate the hoard and find the best ones to listen to?

My NRL podcast list came through trial and error and recommendations. A few because of people I interacted with on social media (I now consider them friends) started podcasts and being friends I of course listened to them. To be honest if they weren’t any good I would not have continued to listen to them.

So what makes a good NRL podcast? It is all subjective to personal taste. For me; the hosts have to have a sense of humour and the main important factor for me is that I have like the sound of their voice. If I don’t “click” to their voice in the first 5 minutes, it doesn’t matter how good and informative they are I just won’t be able to continue listening to them. I listen to podcasts to escape the hectic times of day and to unwind; I’m not going to continue to listen if it doesn’t do it for me.

Here’s my current list that I listen to religiously every week:

* Please note that this list includes adult content





Matty Johns Podcast

I did use to listen to following every week but I found I had to go to occasional listening because I just didn’t have enough time in the day. They are still fantastic I just don’t listen as reliably every week.

Winning Starts on Monday

The Starting Bloc

Woody and Slugs

Parra Podcast


Fuelled by Fire

League Counsel

League Digest

Boom Rookies

Ladies Who League

Fifth and Last

There are some amazing history based podcasts that you can listen to that I recommend and find quite educational: Fergo and The Freak, Chasing Roos Pod and The Rugby League Digest are all amazing.

What are your lists? How do you decide what podcast to listen to?

Are there any that are a must listen to and that you are always recommending to others?

Have you had to cull your listening lists?

Lastly, do you know of any good child friendly podcasts? Ladies Who League is child friendly and amazing to listen to.


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